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Wands in the Aether is a game of arcane heists and wizard criminals in an aetherpunk city. Magic is commonplace here, used to ease and enrich the lives of those with the privilege of living in aether powered mansions guarded by sparkwrought automatons.

This is a decentralized roleplaying game. That means there's no Game Master pulling strings or setting scenes. It's up to the entire group to tell the story they want to tell, together. The game proceeds as a freeform conversation, as characters narrate their actions and their reactions to the world around them. 

Sometimes, two players say things at the same time, or that contradict each other. Sometimes, they say something dramatic or dangerous. In these circumstances, we consult the oracles of play to find a path for the story to move forward. These oracles are the dice, the narrative context, and other factors in play when we make adjudications about the story being told.

Wands in the Aether uses a fusion of Actions & Attributes from Blades in the Dark and facade dice from Facade: Transvampiric Roleplay to make sure every roll leads somewhere and no one's time is wasted with failure.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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wands in the aether 1.0 (singles).pdf 2 MB
wands in the aether 1.0 (spreads).pdf 2 MB

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