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Sit up straight. Think before you act. Don't wear that. You're too loud. Don't be so impulsive. You never speak. This is but a sample of the constant barrage you face every day. It seems everyone has an opinion on how you should act, speak, even use your powers. But you are more than they know. You contain multitudes, and your kaleidoscopic heart will light up the night when the time comes.

The Flux is an unofficial playbook for Masks: A New Generation by Brendan Conway, published by Magpie Games. It deals in themes of plurality and fluidity, both of identity and of power.

Inspired by characters who are always gaining new powers or who can't always guarantee which powers they can access, the Flux gives you to tools to play a character whose identity and ability are as hard to pin down as they are.

Thanks to Trevor for helping with the layout!

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorNora Blake


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Is there a section for the GM stuff available elsewhere?

GM moves and tips on how to play to the playbooks strengths and make sure to hit the high notes for it and treat its subject matter with respect would be great!

I love this playbook, it does something that no other playbook does and is absolutely an amazing addition to any game. I cannot recommend this playbook enough!

The playbook explores interesting stories not previously covered in Masks, and it uses innovative mechanics.