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STARCANA is a cosmic fantasy role-playing game using the Column system. It facilitates epic heroics and poetic drama on a galaxy-wide scale.

The Column system takes the place of what would be hit point or stress resources in another game, and its intent is to focus less on numerical superiority and more on truly describing the state of the character. At a glance, you can see not just how wounded a character is, but also how well they can focus on what's in front of them or how their morale is doing. You have a small window into their internality, and from that knowledge you can more easily embody them and make decisions that are true to their characters.

Characters in Starcana choose one of four Icons that determine what abilities and heroics they are capable of. The Icons are:

The Ghostwalker, a wraith between the stars who uses subtlety and stealth to manipulate the world from the shadows.

The Mindbracer, a supernal shield who uses ancient magic to rebuild what is destroyed, reforge what has been broken, and reinforce what has been shaken.

The Rageheart, a heart intertwined with the cosmic anger of everyone who has ever been wronged who channels that rage to become an avatar of justice and catharsis.

The Spellfont, a living conduit of the universe's magical forces who works miracles to bring hope to the stars.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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This is very cool! On p. 3 under The Strain Columns you state there is no armor but discuss armor as a further Column on p. 15 & 17. Just a note!

Deleted post

you can always hit me up at norafblake@gmail.com! I'm excited to hear about it!!

"When you take up this path, you commit yourself to protecting those around you who cannot protect themselves."

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination


haha yeah you caught me, i'd be lying if i said the knights radiant didn't inspire some parts of this game

All the more impetus to playtest it as far as I'm concerned

Thanks for posting this, and I'm looking forward to the future versions! One question: what's the practical difference between Medium and Heavy weapons? It looks like they'd both completely erase a Strain Column.

as it stands the difference is only really felt by tier 2 & 3 NPCs, yeah. that's an area that will get some polish soon i hope.

Understood. Does that mean that if a single attack overflows a Strain Column, it spills over into another column?