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The streets are cold. The air tastes of metal. The buildings spew smog and drool oil. Sewage runs in underground rivers. Unblinking lights keep glimmering eyes fixed on the muted crowds, and metal walks upright, dispensing order with blade and gun barrel. It wasn't always like this. We know that. We have memories of a better world, and they give us the power to fight back.

Seeds of Rebellion is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players. In it, you will play as freedom fighters opposing a fascist regime that suppresses art and spirituality in favor of raw efficiency and numb, unblinking servitude. With the help of the outlawed magic and suppressed empathy, turn emotion and memory into your sword and shield to fight against the triad tyrannies of fascism, capitalism, and primordial eldritch evil.

Seeds of Rebellion features 5 Archetypes, exploring different motivations for rebellion:

The Edge is driven by spite, pain, and retribution. Play an Edge to be on the front lines and fight back with direct and painful action.

The Heart is driven by their ties to friends, family, and communities. Play a Heart to foster connections between people and groups.

The Inspired is driven by a connection to divinity or spirituality. Play an Inspired to explore questions of faith in a world that wants you hopeless.

The Nourisher is driven by kindness, tenderness, and healing. Play a Nourisher to patch wounds and to offer gentle words and a quiet shoulder.

The Visionary is driven by brilliant hope for the future. Play a Visionary to lead the fight with words and deeds that spark the fight in dormant hearts.  

Supplies needed: paper, pens, six-sided dice, and a longing for revolution

If the price of this game is a hardship for you, email me at norafblake@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @NeitherNora and I will ensure your access, no questions asked.


Seeds of Rebellion 1.4.pdf 9 MB

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