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It is not the sun that makes us avoid the daylight. It's the people who walk beneath it.

Facade is a transvampiric roleplaying game about existing and surviving under the pressure of society's unfair (and often contradictory) expectations. It is a Sparked by Resistance game, meaning it was built with pieces from the Resistance Toolbox.

Available for free is Facade Transfusion, a trimmed down hack that removes a the dice and the GM in favor of a slower slice-of-life mode of play that revolves around exchanging the Stress resource rather than rolling for actions.

If the price of this game is a hardship for you, email me at norafblake@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @NeitherNora and I will ensure your access, no questions asked.


Facade Transfusion 1.1.pdf 103 kB
facade 1.4 (singles).pdf 672 kB
facade 1.4 (spreads).pdf 669 kB

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