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Dust Wardens is a game about bonds. It's about polyamory and queer families and safe havens in a world that wants to hurt us. It's about seeing problems that others refuse to solve and taking the matters into our own hands. In this game, we will take on the role of the titular Dust Wardens, people bound together by a force called Limerence which allows us to draw upon potent magical powers.

The setting for Dust Wardens is a post-apocalyptic one, where rampant plant life has retaken a broken planet. A world where ghosts linger and witches commune with the spirits of objects to learn about the past. A world where nothing is transient, and everything comes back around. A world haunted by the evils of humanity left behind by those who came before us.

In its design and philosophy, Dust Wardens shares a lineage with games like Apocalypse World, Dream Askew,  and Delver. It uses tarot cards rather than dice, and encourages collaborative worldbuilding that includes contributions from all players. It also deals in themes of community and polyamory by way of Vows, sworn between players at the start of play. 

This game features a custom safety tool designed by Natalie the Knife, as well as a chapter of prompts to aid in tarot interpretation from Sasha Reneau. The logo was designed by Sorbet, and all the art in the game was done by Anna Landin. This game was made possible thanks to the contributions of 552 Kickstarter backers.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNora Blake


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Can anyone help me track down access to the hard copy of this? I never received one from the Kickstarter and Nora is non-responsive about this game. 


Came here to see if I could find any info about the same thing. Sad to see the physical copies exist, but will likely never make it into our hands. :(