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Happy Rebel Tapestries presents...

You stand here, under the stars, locking eyes. You grip your Blades as they scream with passion and you circle each other like predators.

You are synchronized, you are one. You take in every detail, you drink in every thought. This person, the person staring at you with eyes full of death, is everything. They are your entire life, and it is time to fucking kill them.

When one person becomes your life, how can you not love them? When you and another person dance this dance and kiss with Blades, how can you not open your heart to them?

How do you keep that desire sheathed when every breath is shared, and every drop of sweat is watched, analyzed, categorized. Every tensing of a muscle, every shift of balance and cut off grunt.

There is nothing more intimate than killing.

So what is this game?

Bladelight is a 2 player game of cosmic intimacy on the brink of death. You will need: a friend, some six sided dice, and the resolve to draw a Blade.

Happy Rebel Tapestries is Nora and Natalie.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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