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Happy Rebel Tapestries presents...

Your mind is starting to linger...

It lingers on her smile, lips red as your cheeks and cruelly curved with sweet intent. It lingers on her eyes, bottomless wells you long to dive into, veiled behind perfect lashes. It lingers on her voice, soft notes and husky whispers passed in secret after sunset. It lingers on her hands, ten nails freshly painted and six grown long.

A great fear of rejection creeps in, perched on your heart's shoulder like a vast bird of prey. When it peers at you, your stomach sinks and your heart is crushed in chains.

And so you wait. And so you watch. You watch her every move, seeking any tiny sign. You feel her eyes burning into yours, and it's hard not to look away.

How long can you go on? How long can you do this dance? When will the mask slip, leaving your heart bare and cold for that bird on your shoulder to tear out of you?

Not every dungeon can be entered. Some we carry inside us. Even a heart can be a dungeon.


A Note on Gender: You needn’t be a woman to play this game. If it is dysphoria inducing to read text that refers to you as “she” or “her,” you have my permission to alter the text to change the pronouns. If you aren’t a woman but you want to try it out and see how you like it, I give you permission to do that as well.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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